Master P Apologizes To Monica And Airs Out Grievances About Family Issues

Master P Apologizes To Monica And Airs Out Grievances About Family Issues
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In a feud that no one saw coming, Master P took to Instagram to slam Monica and Kim Kardashian for assisting in facilitating the release of his brother who is believed to be wrongly accused of murder. After hours of thinking about the public back and forth, the rapper apologized to the singer.

Percy Miller sat back in his chair where he earlier talked about being used as an ATM by Corey Miller and questioned Monica 's loyalty. He wanted to know that if she's been his ride or die for 18 years then why did they just talk to Kim about his case seven months ago.

Although he did seemingly have a few words for Monica it was clear that he had some family drama that was being misdirected.

He took to Instagram where the drama started to apologize to Monica.

'Family over everything. We’re doing too much positive to have to deal with the negative. I have no beef with @monicadenise She got caught up into some family drama that we have to fix and I am man enough to admit that. No family is perfect, we all go through turmoil but with God all things are possible. I love my brother and can’t wait till he get home. We can’t allow the devil to steal our joy. We are bigger than this!'

In the video, he explained that social media plays a big part in spreading drama. He was insistent on the fact that his brother is being disrespectful towards everyone who has been there during this nearly two decade prison stint.

However, Master P agrees that at the end of the day the goal is to free C-Murder of a horrendous crime where there's an overwhelming amount of proof that he was not the suspect.


This all comes after the family member of the victim spoke out against opening the old wound.

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