Masika Kalysha Reveals She And Fetty Wap Had Twin Miscarriages

Masika Kalysha Reveals She And Fetty Wap Had Twin Miscarriages
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According to a report from, Masika Kalysha has been quite candid regarding her struggles to have children, even with the hip-hop singer, Fetty Wap. The reality star recently shared with her fans that she and Fetty Wap had suffered multiple miscarriages.

Initially, Kalysha never revealed there was more than one involved, however, in recent news, she declared that she and Fetty had actually lost two children at once - twins. Kalysha posted a picture of hers and Fetty Wap's daughter on IG, Khari Barbie Maxwell, and one commenter suggested she and the singer have more children due to how cute their first one was.

Kalysha said in response, "we have twins in heaven that we'll meet one day. Until then, KB will hold it down. ForEVA**cardi b voice." Earlier this year, it was reported that one of the reasons Masika Kalysha left Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood was due to the fact producers cut out a scene in which she and her BFF, Moniece Slaughter, had been discussing something very personal to both of them.

Just a few months before then, Kalysha revealed she had previously gone through a miscarriage. Speaking with The Shade Room, the star claimed the fact that the scene was stripped from the reality television series, played a crucial role in her departure.

Kalysha claims her Personal Relations spokesperson asked the producers why they removed part of the conversation, and they told her they had to ditch it because it was "positive" and "family-oriented." She claims they replaced it with things that weren't actually occurring in her day-to-day life.

As it was mentioned above, Masika has a baby with the "Trap Queen" rapper, as does fellow reality star, Alexis Skyy. In the past, both of the aforementioned reality stars fought and feuded in the public eye, including on the reality television series in addition to on social media.

For the most part, Fetty Wap never bothered to respond to any of these dramas publicly, although, Masika did screenshot a message he shared for her once in which he praised her for her ability to withstand social pressure from others.


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