Masika Kalysha Exposes Intimate Texts From Fetty Wap - Are They No Longer Estranged?

Masika Kalysha Exposes Intimate Texts From Fetty Wap - Are They No Longer Estranged?

Fetty Wap and his old flame, Masika Kalysha, are no longer an estranged couple according to recent posts on social media as the mother of his child, Kalysha, re-posted Fetty's messages on her respective accounts.

According to the fans of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, the extravagant display of Fetty's admiration is just a way for Masika to taunt Alexis Skyy, whom the rapper and singer dated at one point.

During Monday night's episode, Masika tried to get Skyy to speak about their two-year-old feud over the rapper.

However, it seems as if - and understandably so - that Alexis is still bothered that Fetty cheated on her and got Masika pregnant.

Regardless of how Alexis may feel, it looks like Fetty's love lies with the mother of his child, as the reality star posted their text conversation to social media to demonstrate their rekindled romance.

Some social media users aren't so impressed with Masika's willingness to restart their - at one time - broken relationship.

One person wrote, "What I don't understand is why Skyy is harassing Masika not Fetty or the other two women whom he got pregnant while he was with Skyy?"

Another person wrote, "Smh (shaking my head) y'all too famous for this."

A more pessimistic user wrote, "he probably sent the same thing to Alexis. Either way, he doesn't care."

While it's great to see their "family" is regenerating itself, it's hard not to point out the pettiness of displaying his messages all over social media for the whole world to see. Perhaps, some things are better off left unsaid?


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