Masika Kalysha Was Pregnant Twice With Fetty's Baby?

Masika Kalysha Was Pregnant Twice With Fetty's Baby?

Everybody knows by now that Fetty Wap has no problems with the ladies as the rapper and singer has made himself known for philandering. It was recently announced by several publications that the rapper impregnated his former girlfriend - Alexis Skyy.

Masika formerly stated that Skyy's claim that she was pregnant with Fetty's child was both lame, predictable, and not surprising.

In yesterday's post from Celebrity Insider, Kalysha claimed that Skyy would be using the story as a way to "secure" another contract with Love & Hip-Hop.

Today, according to the publication, Fameolous, Masika admitted she had been impregnated by Fetty Wap not once, but two times in total!

However, in a social media old post from the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star, she claimed she "wasn't pregnant," again.

Is it possible that the original story from Famelous was merely tabloid conjecture? In her tweet below, Masika said, "I'm not f***ing pregnant, you all have to stop remixing and creatively interpreting shit to make a story."

According to the publication, Kalysha didn't offer too much detail regarding her "second pregnancy," however, she did say that Fetty probably had ten children at this time.

Although, it's more probable that Kaylsha is just engaging in hyperbole to make a point; her argument being that Fetty is promiscuous, to say the least, and probably not capable of being the best father at the moment.

In her post, she wrote, "The n**ga got me pregnant on purpose twice. F**k outta here. Once I saw all the lies and realized the sick twisted game he plays I stopped allowing him to do it to me. He got about 10 babies at this point."

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