Masika Kalysha Apologizes For OnlyFans Stunt -- Goes Live With ROSE Organization Founder Where They Both Say Sorry

Masika Kalysha Apologizes For OnlyFans Stunt -- Goes Live With ROSE Organization Founder Where They Both Say Sorry
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It has been a wild past few days on the internet for VH1 alum Masika Kalysha . The mother of one released a statement where she apologized for faking a kidnapping and human trafficking scene in order to raise money for the ROSE foundation who ultimately denied giving her permission to pull the stunt.

According to The Blast, Masika said: 'While on set fully immersed in my character, for season two of Double Crossed, a show that bravely displays the reality and tragedy of human trafficking, I got caught up in the excitement of the moment and chose to use my platform to bring an essential topic to light by displaying my efforts to support the end of human trafficking.'

She went on to explain: 'It is imperative that you understand the public's safety and the victims are paramount to my actions. I made no money, nor was it ever my intent. With that being said, I am aware that the way I went about it was distasteful, and I apologize to anyone whom I have offended or hurt with my delivery. However, I am incredibly grateful that we now have an open dialogue to refocus our attention on what matters most. I urge everyone to join me in my efforts to bring awareness to this awful reality. But most importantly, I urge everyone to help put an end to human trafficking.'


This news also comes after UMC decided to drop her from the show that she was on set of when she made the terrible choice.

'It’s so disheartening when people u should be able to trust, completely turn on u when u perform the tasks asked of u. I was enlisted to help BECAUSE of my popularity, platform, talent & business knowledge, the very things these people needed & used to turn on me for selfish gain. The rug has be completely pulled from beneath me. My entire team is disheartened & in disbelief. You can’t love me because I’m “salacious” & outspoken & also hate me for the same reasons. It’s a tremendously daunting feeling to be used & left for dead. I will be less trusting of my platform & my energy. I’m so grateful for my team and my faith. What’s done in the dark will come to light... soon.'

Toni Rivera, founder of the organization, and Kalysha went on Instagram Live where they both admitted to mishandling the situation. They wanted to show that Black women can come together and forgive each other when it comes to disagreements.

While Masika promised to continue to support the cause, Toni said that she will be more hands on with who is representing her foundation after seeing the reality star's messages and emails.

It's great to see that this came to some sort of resolve and hopefully, there will be some good that comes from it.

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