Masika Kalysha And Hazel E Get Into Physical Fight -- Police Allegedly Called As Details Spill

Masika Kalysha And Hazel E Get Into Physical Fight -- Police Allegedly Called As Details Spill
Credit: Source: VH1

Masika Kalysha and Hazel E were once friends but they have kept up a rivalry online for years. It appears that the digital hate turned into physical aggression while the two were filming a show together.

Last night, Hazel E took to Instagram to slam Masika for claiming Black Lives Matter but calling the police on Black people (aka her) after they got into a fight. There were police cars in the background of the video.

Masika mocked Hazel on her profile hours after the altercation.

Apparently, the two were taping for Zeus series A Conversation that usually takes two couples at odds and forces them to hash it out through conversation. It seems like producers have moved on to rivalries now.

A source exclusively spoke to the Shade Room to spill the tea on exactly what went down.

'The source claims that things between Hazel and Masika indeed got physical and alleges that Masika got dragged and her wig got snatched and alleges she left the scene on a stretcher. Apparently, allegedly Masika called the police and tried to press charges against Hazel’s hairstylist until she realized she could also go to jail for her role in the situation. The source also tells us things took an even more disturbing turn when Masika started speaking recklessly about her newborn daughter, Ava Dior. Masika allegedly called Hazel’s daughter a bastard and said she would “grow up to be a wh**e. Sources close to the situation say that Hazel finally had enough following several years of Masika trying to assault her.'

This comes after Masika's hard week in the press. She got slammed for faking a kidnapping on Instagram to promote her OnlyFans account.


She later claimed that she was working with the ROSE organization and got into an online argument with its founder. Eventually, the two ladies apologized to each other on Instagram Live.

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