Mary J Blige And Faith Evans Allegedly Fought At A Diddy Party - Details!

Mary J Blige And Faith Evans Allegedly Fought At A Diddy Party - Details!
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Twitter has been buzzing about an alleged fight between Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans that took place at Diddy’s party last night! Fans claim to know such a brawl really happened but is it true?

There has been a lot going on the platform as news like the one about a brawl between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week event was trending this morning.

Another shocking such piece of news was the one about George Zimmerman threatening to kill Beyonce and Jay Z .

Finally, a similarly unexpected report going around on Twitter is a second star-fight, this time between Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans.

Fans claim the two women were at a party in the Hamptons hosted by Diddy when an altercation of sorts took place.

But at this time, HollywoodLife notes that there is no proof of such an incident happening, be it confirmations from other people attending the party or footage of the brawl.

In fact, it’s unclear why this rumor even started in the first place as no reason for the two stars getting into conflict was given.

Despite all of this, many fans think the weird speculation is fact!

One user tweeted: ‘Mary j Blige and Faith Evans just got into a physical altercation at P. Diddy's NYFW party.’

Meanwhile, others wanted some proof of that happening: ‘So does anybody have the Mary J and Faith Evans video? Because I need to look at an old school cat fight please.’

Someone thought they found the reason why there were no videos of the fight when they tweeted: ‘I already know that Mary J Blige and Faith Evans video ain’t gon’ pop up because grown folks can’t record nothing right.’

The outrageous speculation was later on denied by a rep for Diddy who tweeted: 'This story is completely false made up.'


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