Marvel Fans Debate About The Avengers Being Broke!

Marvel Fans Debate About The Avengers Being Broke!
Credit: Source: Games Radar

Falcon and the Winter Soldier made a splash on Disney Plus on Friday. The plotline has fans in a heated debate.

The Avengers are well-known superheroes who put their life on the line every day in order to save the planet.

In the premiere episode, Sam Wilson aka Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie) saw himself getting turned down for a loan that he wanted to receive to go into business with his sister. However, due to clear racial bias, he was turned down for the loan.

In addition to the upset about him being declined for the loan, many people wondered why isn't one of America's elite crime-fighters rolling in dough.

In the comment section of Comicbook's post question why the Avengers aren't getting paid, people came up with their own theories.

This fan tried to reason by explaining: 'The Snap and The Blip have messed up the economy so much I can’t imagine. The property of half the planet would have been taken by the other half by inheritance at the least and then they come back and want it back. Too much to think about. Please don’t do a Clone Wars style Banking Politics series.'

While another said: 'Well some had money based on the jobs they had outside of Avengers. Besides as it was revealed Avengers was a hidden group within government that only a few new existed it’s not like a paid job like a Policeman it’s more complicated than that. But I like the fact that they’re using it as a source of drama to draw from.'

'Here’s the thing in this episode. I know what they’re trying to do but it’s not working and here’s why. Falcon is an Avenger right? Just helped to save the world and brought everyone back from the snap. You mean to tell me he can’t get a bank loan? He’s an Avenger. Let’s go further. He can’t pick up the phone and get a loan from Pepper Potts? He’s literally wearing Stark Tech and Redwing is upgraded with new weapons and he didn’t mention he needs a little money to save the family business? 🤦🏽‍♂️  priorities all messed up  😂 State of the art superhero suit, no money for the family business,' another added.


What do you think about the Avengers lack of resources?


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