Martina McBride Calls Out Spotify For Lack Of Female Representation

Martina McBride Calls Out Spotify For Lack Of Female Representation
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Country singer Martina McBride is calling out Spotify for its lack of female representation. She used Instagram stories to call out the music service for the very limited selection it has for women in country music.

McBride chronicled her attempt to make a playlist of country music on Spotify. She declared the recommendations for songs was 14 pages of only male artists in the genre.

Ironically McBride chose to make an all-female playlist after listening to Sara Evans' 'I Learned That From You' because the song moved her to tears.

"And THIS is what came up. ALL MALE. Come on Spotify, you can and should do better," she captioned the stories.

The singer went on to inform Spotify the country music scene has recently had four high-profile singles all from women. She included images from Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker, Kelsea Ballerini, and The Highwomen.

McBride got her point across by stating when she was searching all she typed in was country music, but only male songs came up under the genre.

"I have no words. My heart is pounding. I can't remember when I've been this mad. Can somewhat at Spotify please explain this to me?" she continued to express in her Instagram stories.

The songstress also made it clear to Spotify and her followers that her rant was not about her coming up on a list. McBride knows she is unlikely to make country music female recommendation list.

However, that isn't stopping her from speaking out on behalf of all women in country music. She is not only frustrated for other female's in music but also little girls, who don't have the opportunity to hear voices like theirs. It is a disservice to girls dreaming of making in the county music world to not have female artists as a recommendation on Spotify.

After posting on her stories, Martina McBride chose to write a very lengthy Instagram post detailing her message. She even asked fans for their favorite female country song.

McBride showcased several photos of her and famous ladies in the country music world. Her post has gained a lot of attention from her fellow artists. She was praised by fans and her colleagues for taking a stand.

Spotify has yet to respond to the Instagram message. What are your thoughts on McBride's words?


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