Marthat Stewart Has Been Giving Homeschooling Lessons On Instagram But It's Not What You Think

Marthat Stewart Has Been Giving Homeschooling Lessons On Instagram But It's Not What You Think
Credit: Source: Martha Stewart/Instagram

Martha Stewart has been giving homeschooling lessons on Instagram but it's not what you think. The 78-year-old lifestyle guru has been sharing ways for people to go through the quarantine with style, class, and by learning a new skill or two. She's advocating virtual happy hours and sharing recipes for fanciful drinks that you can make when socializing over the Internet. Though some states began reopening and loosening their social distancing guidelines, Coronavirus cases are creeping back up. It's unclear if this is a second wave of the pandemic or the first way refueled due to people becoming lax about social distancing, washing their hands, and maybe even ditching their face masks. At this point, it is unclear if states will continue with their reopening plans or if stricter lockdown measures will be issued.

For those who are finding themselves stuck at home, out of work, and without much to do, Martha Stewart has you covered.

In addition to her Homeschool With Martha Instagram posts (fans are sharing their creations with the hashtag #HomeschoolWithMartha, she also launched a playlist on her official YouTube account where she demonstrates everything from making face masks to exercising your dogs while indoors, and how to make the perfect Pomegranate Martharita drink!

One homeschooling lesson that proved to be a big hit with Martha Stewart's 3.1 million Instagram followers was a recipe for homemade Margherita pizza.

You may see the post that Martha Stewart shared along with a photo of the finished pizza below.

Though experts have warned people not to drink too much during the quarantine, it does appear that drinking has become a favorite pastime of many. Martha Stewart's video recipe for her pomegranate Martharita drink was a huge success.

She's even shared tutorials for helpful DIY recipes for the house such as DIY fabric softener!

Are you a fan of Martha Stewart's? Have you followed her Instagram and Homeschool With Martha tutorials and tips throughout the Coronavirus pandemic?

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