Marlon Wayans Says Donald Trump Is "The Devil" - Blames Him For California Wildfires

Marlon Wayans Says Donald Trump Is "The Devil" - Blames Him For California Wildfires

During a conversation with reporters from TMZ recently, Marlon Wayans said that he believes Donald Trump would likely feel more than comfortable in California amid the wildfires because he is "the devil." As most know, celebrities in Hollywood are probably the most critical of the derided politician and chief-in-command.

On Saturday, while at the Los Angeles Airport, the comedian/actor said to journalists that he finds the whole thing ironic, because Donald is partially to blame for the wildfires. You can find his reasoning for such a statement in the TMZ video below.

Today, Trump arrived in California and is researching the fire recovery efforts and finding out how much of the federal budget will go to repairing the damage.

When the fires first began last week, the president suggested that the forest management bureaucracy in California was the primary cause for the failure to thwart devastating damage.

The president even threatened to slash federal funds. Trump said to journalists earlier today that it was "very sad to see" the effects of the wildfires, moreover, it could've been easily avoided.

Previously, when the president said the failure of California's forest fire infrastructure led to the disaster, Katy Perry, the singer/songwriter, accused him of being heartless and insensitive.

As it was previously reported, the California wildfires ripped through the state, tearing apart Malibu, and foisting thousands of people from their homes.

Some of Hollywood's most iconic and famous celebrities had to evacuate, including the Kardashians, Robin Thicke and April Love Geary, Gerald Butler, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Hemsworth, and many others.

On Instagram, both Chris Hemsworth and Gerald Butler showed off the damage caused to their homes. In fact, "damage," is an understatement, because the fires completely devastated their properties, reducing the houses to just ashes.

Gerald Butler posted a selfie last week with the charred remains of his house in the background, as did Chris, who showed that their decoration spelling out the word "love," had been reduced to rubble.

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