Marlo Hampton Would Like To Take Eva Marcille's Spot On RHOA

Marlo Hampton Would Like To Take Eva Marcille's Spot On RHOA
Credit: Source: Bravo

Marlo Hampton has been a Real Housewives of Atlanta staple for years. After Nene Leakes pointed out that Eva Marcille doesn't have an intriguing storyline, Hampton revealed that she'd be happy to take the model's spot.

During the last two seasons of the Bravo favorite, Eva has given birth twice, had a wedding, and displayed her baby daddy drama with Kevin McCall. However, to some cast members and viewers -- that isn't enough.

There has been a longstanding controversy on whether or not Marlo deserves to hold a peach. Some fans feel that she does nothing but stir up trouble while others think that the show could use the antagonist for more interesting storylines.

During the latest installment, Marlo as served as a peacemaker (well, sort of), showed her new life as a munty, and opened up about her entrepreneurial side.

While Hampton is fine being a part-time RHOA member because it awards her many benefits, she also wouldn't mind taking Eva's place.

'Listen, I don’t like for anyone not to have a job but, I’m not gonna lie, I would love to take her position. I would definitely -- my fans would be so excited, they would love it. But I don't want Eva to lose her job. I don't want her to have financial hardships again, and I’m glad that she has her position.'

Nene's bestie went on to explain why her friend feels that Eva's storyline is lackluster.

'But, yeah, NeNe definitely feels that way. She just feels that she doesn’t bring it like the rest of us bring it. Eva is more of a diva with the producers. As in, 'I’m doing this...' or 'I’m not doing that…' or, ‘No.’ She’s just… it’s like, girl, this isn’t L.A. this is ATL, you know? We got a little hood in us, a little bit. We bring it.'

Do you think producers should replace Eva with Marlo?


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