Marlo Hampton Vs. Shamari DeVoe - Check Out Their Twitter Battle

Marlo Hampton Vs. Shamari DeVoe - Check Out Their Twitter Battle
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Back in December 2018, we were reporting that Shamari DeVoe is starring in her first season of RHOA.

But, if some fans had their way, it would be her last. People were asking themselves back then if it's possible that Marlo Hampton will step in and take Devoe’s place for Season 12 .

Now, the two ladies jumped at each other's necks on Twitter, and you can check out the entertaining exchange of words below.

Marlo posted: 'Thanks @ShamariDeVoe I’m flattered you’re a fan??; shadiest peach, without a peach, I must be doing something right ?? you looked cute last night though girl, thanks to that fire I put up under those church lace fronts and 1999 outfits.'

You can see Shamari's response below:

'Awww! You're welcome, friend (of the show) @iheartMarlo ! I'll be sure to send you an edible arrangement when I get back to Atlanta after doing MY NYC press tour for being a CAST MEMBER of #RHOA... Which hotel and alias are you using this week so I can make sure you get them?'

Marlo responded: 'See @ShamariDeVoe once again I have to school you on Fabulosity! Edible arrangement ... my toddler nephews don’t even eat that, try a nice Godiva package, and the alias I’m using this week is wife to Ronnie - same as you ??'

Someone commented 'Shamari, just take the advice 🙄. @marlohampton was ACTUALLY looking out; it just came out shady.'

Another person said 'You gone learn not to play with Marlo.'

Someone else wrote: 'to sum it all up on an episode of Atlanta housewives Marlo tried to give Shamari tips on how to dress better and update her look. Shamari took it the wrong way, and they have been at it ever since.'

What do you think about these two ladies' feud?


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