Marlo Hampton Says Kenya Moore Always Crosses The Line During Fights With The Other RHOA Ladies!

Marlo Hampton Says Kenya Moore Always Crosses The Line During Fights With The Other RHOA Ladies!
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Marlo Hampton slammed Kenya Moore for supposedly crossing the line during fights with the rest of the RHOA cast members. As far as she is concerned, Kenya has not been playing fair at all.

This is what she accused her co-star of during a new interview for HollywoodLife!

'Kenya does not [just] go below the belt, Kenya goes below the ground. She literally has a cement thing that just digs holes below the cement. Kenya's going to talk about your man, your mama — I won't say your mama, but she will talk about anything,' she dished.

Fans know all too well that Kenya often shades her co-stars but she and NeNe Leakes have been at war the most and it doesn't sound like that has changed in any way.

In fact, it appears that their beef is more explosive than ever and it's rumored to be the worst it's ever been during the new season reunion episode, set to air on May 10.

The two ladies have been saying about one another that they have cheating husbands and more!

During their cast trip to Italy, things got so explosive between NeNe and Kenya that they were separated by security!

With all that in mind, it's hard to believe that they will ever make peace, let alone be friends.

Marlo went on to say that 'Kenya can push NeNe. She is just one of those that knows how to pick you and pick at that little wound until you are like, 'Hey!"

Prior to the reunion episode, which was filmed virtually due to the quarantine, Marlo apparently hoped Kenya would have proof.

'I'm not going to tell you what receipts. I cannot tell you all the good things I am going to give away. At this reunion, I am really going to be at a good place because I am at a good place with all of the girls except Kenya,' she teased.


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