Marlo Hampton Calls Kenya Moore A Sad Case: 'Kenya Is Broken'

Marlo Hampton Calls Kenya Moore A Sad Case: 'Kenya Is Broken'
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kenya Moore made an enemy of Tanya Sam on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta by summoning the cookie lady to a brunch the girls were having. Marlo Hampton believes that Kenya acts this way because of what's going on in her personal life -- especially her crumbling marriage to Marc Daly.

Marlo went live on Instagram to talk about the latest installment of the show. She thinks that Moore is a 'sad case' that she prays for.

Hampton went on to say that Moore did a lot of things with her career but wasn't successful so it kills her to have to work with her.

The friend of RHOA also had a lot to say about Kenya's relationship with Marc Daly.

Fans and co-stars have noticed that Moore becomes a different person when she is around the restaurateur. Daly has done multiple things to make it seem like he isn't happy with his wife.


Marlo told the viewers on her live-stream: 'How about when her and Marc had that scene and he was just talking right over her? You want this man and this family so bad and the children and hen you get the children -- just say you have a little girl and the little girl is living with you and she sees and hears how this man is treating you, what does that say about you? Children are not stupid. They know when y'all are happy, truly happy, and when you're not.'

She went on to declare: 'Kenya is broken.'

This comes after the Queen of Twirl said that she doesn't think Marlo will ever become a full-time housewife.

'Listen, she has a horrible criminal past … so, that’s just not Bravo’s brand. And if she’s been on the show for all of these years, doing the same thing, why would you want to make her a Housewife?'

What do you think about this feud?


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