Mark Zuckerberg's Plan To Turn Facebook Into A Forerunner Of The Metaverse Alarmed Singer Grimes

Mark Zuckerberg's Plan To Turn Facebook Into A Forerunner Of The Metaverse Alarmed Singer Grimes
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If Mark Zuckerberg were ever to govern the Metaverse, it would be challenging to persuade Grimes . The 34-year-old singer stated her dissatisfaction over the tech tycoon's aspirations to transform the organization initially known as Facebook into a forerunner in the Metaverse.

She believes he is "wildly underqualified" to be the captain. The "Oblivion" singer, who dated Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, on a prior date, took to Twitter on Friday to criticize the billionaire's Metaverse avatar.

"The Metaverse is dead, and those who value culture and the arts are creating something different if Zuck 'oversees the Metaverse,'" said one person. Additionally, this is horrible art, the singer, real name Claire Boucher, tweeted.
Every independent game looks better, showing how drastically underqualified he is to create an alternate reality.

Zuckerberg uploaded a picture of his Metaverse avatar to Facebook last week, but the reaction was very different from what he had anticipated. A few days later, he shared a different avatar.

I'm aware that the picture I shared this week was quite simple; it was snapped in a hurry to mark a launch," he wrote. "Horizon is developing extremely quickly, and the graphics in Horizon are significantly more powerful — even on headsets.
As the beleaguered social media network deals with a string of controversies about its business practices and internal standards, Zuckerberg last October commanded a companywide shift toward the Metaverse, even going so far as to redesign Facebook's corporate name to Meta.

In a previous post, Grimes, a singer, and Chelsea Manning, a whistleblower, who only recently began together in March, have split up, an insider told Page Six.

According to a different source, the couple "had been splitting up for a time."

Page Six was the first to announce the couple was dating in March officially. The two got together after Grimes, 34, ended her second divorce from Elon Musk, the father of her two children.

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