Mark Zuckerberg Joins Small List Of Billionaire Men Who Have Net Worths Over $100 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg Joins Small List Of Billionaire Men Who Have Net Worths Over $100 Billion
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This Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg officially became a member of a very small club of men. Page Six says the Facebook founder became one of three men who are worth over $100 billion. The only other men in the group are Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft.

The BBC reported that the share price of Zuckerberg's Facebook increased by 6% after it was announced that the company had created its own alternative to TikTok. Zuckerberg has a large share of the organization, 13%.

Earlier today, Page Six pointed out the classic scene from the critically acclaimed 2010 movie, The Social Network , in which Sean Parker, portrayed by Justin Timberlake, says to Mark Zuckerberg - portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg - "a million dollars isn't that cool. Do you know what's cool? A billion dollars."

As most know, even though Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world now, he has definitely encountered serious challenges in his career. For instance, the Facebook founder came under serious fire for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook was accused of selling users' personal information to political consultancy companies. Obviously, this was a massive scandal for the way in which it highlighted the power of tech companies to not only acquire personal information but also influence public policy.

The last time we heard from Zuckerberg in a political context was when the Facebook CEO took heat for reportedly saying that he was going to go to war with Elizabeth Warren if she ran for the presidency in 2020.

Last year, it was reported that leaked audio made its way onto the internet. Zuckerberg supposedly said in the recording that he would go to war with Elizabeth Warren and thought out loud that he would win the legal battle.


The publication, The Verge, got their hands on leaked audio from Zuckerberg's Q&A sessions in which he spoke with employees for several hours. The outlet says Zuckerberg had intentions of suing Warren and the US government if she became the president and tried to break up companies such as Facebook.

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