Mark Wahlberg "Refused" To Work With Christopher Plummer Until Getting Paid $1 Million

Mark Wahlberg "Refused" To Work With Christopher Plummer Until Getting Paid $1 Million
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Mark Wahlberg is under fire again after USA Today revealed that the actor refused to work with Christopher Plummer as a replacement for Kevin Spacey in Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World. The 46-year-old entertainer wanted $1 million to work alongside Plummer.

On the 11th of January, USA Today published their report indicating that Mark refused to work alongside the actor after Kevin was embroiled in his sexual misconduct scandal.

The scandal which rocked the mainstream media detailed the story of when the actor allegedly attempted to have sex with Anthony Rapp - who was 14-years-old at the time. After this report came out, several other people accused Kevin of abusing his power in the industry.

To make matters worse for Ridley and the cast and crew of ATMITW, Wahlberg allegedly told the producers that he would not approve Christopher Plummer unless he received the money.

The news report comes after it was revealed that Michelle Williams did the part again for less than $1,000 to many of her fans outrage.

In a tweet which we have above, Busy Phillips defended Michelle and said it was unfair that Michelle did the part for hardly any money. However, many people on social media pointed out the fact that if Williams wanted to get paid more money, she should've demanded higher pay.

Michelle allegedly offered to do the part for hardly any money because she "appreciated" so much the massive effort that they put into the movie. Scott, back in December, said the reshoot cost only $10 million because everyone practically did it for nothing.

Many of Michelle's acquaintances including Jessica Chastain criticized the fact that she was underpaid, despite that she volunteered to do the job for hardly any money. After she came to realize other stars on set received a nice check, she became embittered.


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