Mark Salling's Victims Will No Longer Receive $50,000

Mark Salling's Victims Will No Longer Receive $50,000

The victims in Mark Salling's case will no longer receive compensation after his untimely death. According to a report from People Magazine, Mark's victims won't be able to pick up their $50,000 fund anymore which he agreed to offer in his October 2017 plea.

Hart J Levin, who spoke with People, said because he never received the official sentencing, the "agreement becomes null and void." The stipulations could only come into effect if the judge had legally enforced the payout before his passing.

Ann Gottesman, who works as a lawyer for criminal defense in Pasadena, confirmed the dismissal of the case. As you may know, Salling died by hanging this week following his December 2015 arrest on child porn possession charges.

Federal investigators confirmed they had found over 20,000 images and over 550 videos of child pornography on computers and flash drives, all which belonged to the Glee alum.

The court documents stated that the images and videos showed children as old as three-years-old. He pleaded guilty to possession of pornography of a minor and expected to serve from 4 to 7 years in prison and had to pay $50,000 to each of his victims.

As you may know, many of his former co-stars and co-workers came out to commemorate his death including Jane Lynch and the producer, Tim Davis.

Both people admitted that they didn't console his actions, and didn't intend to take away the severity of his crimes; they merely meant to commemorate him as a person who lost his life.

Jane previously revealed she knew Mark lived a troubled life and it was "very, very hard" for him. Lynch claimed he was "so happy" to be on the show created by FOX.

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