Mark Hamill Claims He Couldn't Imagine Starring As Luke Skywalker Again

Mark Hamill Claims He Couldn't Imagine Starring As Luke Skywalker Again
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Mark Hamill wants nothing to do with the Star Wars franchise from now on. As fans of the iconic series know, Mark Hamill's career first took off in a big way in the 1970s with the first Star Wars film. And while it was a big move for the actor, it, in many ways, wound up hurting his career.

In fact, as the years went by and Mark struggled to find work, Hamill began finding employment in other areas of the entertainment industry and often excelled at it, particularly, voice acting. For instance, Mark's portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series garnered him critical acclaim.

And while he appeared in a new Star Wars movie, Mark said he wouldn't play a role in one for a long time. The star said to Entertainment Weekly this week that he couldn't possibly imagine starring as Luke Skywalker ever again in his life.

According to Mark, his farewell to the series was with Episode 9, and it was "bittersweet." The actor claims that he has a lot of love for the cast and crew including George Lucas and the character he created for him.

The actor went on to say that he was immensely grateful for the work Star Wars gave him throughout his career. Regarding the new Disney + series, The Mandalorian, Hamill claimed that the production is very "economical" in its "storytelling."

Hamill said that the series will likely go back to what George initially envisioned with the Star Wars franchise, like a "western in space." Lucas went on to compare the Star Wars movies to comic book films, in the sense that they each have to out-do each other in their extravagance.

The Mandalorian , on the other hand, has the capacity to focus more on character development and storytelling rather than just CGI effects and epic battle scenes. According to Entertainment Weekly, The Mandalorian 's second season will come out in October of this year.

Mark has been in the news for other reasons lately as well, including when he slammed Ivanka Trump for using the phrase, "the force be with you," in reference to her family.

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