Mark Geragos Describes Former Employer CNN As "Lame A**" And A "Know Nothing Network"

Mark Geragos Describes Former Employer CNN As "Lame A**" And A "Know Nothing Network"
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According to a report from Fox News, Mark Geragos, the lawyer who has worked with CNN, lashed out at the company this past Monday after the Wall Street Journal and a few other news organizations outed him as the unnamed co-conspirator in the extortion case involving Michael Avenatti.

As it was previously reported, Avenatti was arrested on charges of extortion as well as conspiracy. Geragos said on the Adam Carolla Show this Wednesday that they ought to change their name to the "cut and run network."

Mark said to the host of the show he was shocked to know they had fired him after a brief press conference in which he was accused of being the man responsible for the criminal charges involving Avenatti. Moreover, Mark has worked for them for twenty years, so the entire firing debacle has been a surprise.

Mark, known for being a TV lawyer for celebrities, found himself in trouble after his name was connected with the federal criminal complaint against Avenatti. He rose to fame as the man who represented Stormy Daniels in her suit against the president, Donald Trump.

Since then, Avenatti has become somewhat of a public figure of sorts, however, he has been accused of several crimes in the past, tarnishing his reputation in the process. On Monday, Michael was taken into police custody after federal prosecutors accused him of trying to extort $20,000,000 from the shoemaking juggernauts, Nike.

It was revealed that Mark was somewhat related to the case, so CNN dropped him from their roster imminently. A spokesperson for the outlet told The Wrap on Monday that Geragos wouldn't contribute to their platform again, but didn't disclose the reason.

Speaking with Carolla on Wednesday, Geragos said he could easily tell many stories for how he covered for "that lame-a** organization," or the "Know-Nothing Network," as he referred to it. Geragos co-hosts the podcast, Reasonable Doubt , alongside Mr. Carolla.

Currently, Geragos works as the attorney for Jussie Smollett, who was accused of paying two men to attack him. Yesterday, the prosecution announced they were dropping charges, but not because of insufficient evidence.

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