Marisol Nichols Opens Up About Leaving Riverdale To Help Catch Child Predators

Marisol Nichols Opens Up About Leaving Riverdale To Help Catch Child Predators
Credit: Source: Deadline

Riverdale fans were shocked when two of its stars announced they were leaving the show. Skeet Ulrich is saying goodbye to explore other acting opportunities.

It turns out that Marisol Nichols is taping her last season because she was working on a much more important issue. She helps catch child predators both nationally and around the world.

'It began years ago. It began after I did a TV show called GCB, remember that one? And I started kind of diving into this world and the more I learned about it, the more I just couldn't sleep. I mean, just to be honest, I could not sleep. I'm a big believer that the more you know about something, the more you can do something about it. And it was kind of bothering me that at the time I was doing press for GCB, I was being asked to go to different charities. And I would memorize a statistic on a card and go on the red carpet and spit out this statistic and it looked like I was die-hard about that cause, when really I just got asked to go because of the photographers. And so at the same time, I'm learning about child sex trafficking,' she explained to Entertainment Tonight.

She went on to say as time went on, she eventually told Marie Clare about her passion and they accompanied her on some sort of a sting where they wrote an in-depth expose of what she does.

She didn't tell her Riverdale co-stars because they wouldn't believe her.

'They wouldn't believe me! Once I was like, 'Sometimes I do ops,' and they were like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.' They didn't really get it and I didn't really talk about it. So I was like, I'm just going to sneak away and do it and I'll worry about it later because it meant more to me. I was doing this before I had Riverdale, so it's not something that I ever want to stop doing.'


It's clear that Marisol has found her calling. Although she will be missed on the show, this is obviously where she is needed more.

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