Mario Lopez Gets Some Support After Speaking Out Against Letting Young Children Choose Genders

Mario Lopez Gets Some Support After Speaking Out Against Letting Young Children Choose Genders
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Mario Lopez has decided to chime in on the recent trend of parents allowing their children to choose their own genders and other aspects of their identity.

It seems his views on the situation are quite critical, as he described the trend as "weird," and implied that it originated in Hollywood.

He specifically pointed towards Charlize Theron and her daughter Jackson, who is currently seven years old and identifies as transgender.

The discussion then went on in a direction regarding the way children tend to identify with various characters they see on the screen, especially in fantasy circles, which was also brought up in comparison to the current developments.

Candace Owens, who was hosting the appearance of Lopez, explained that she was trying to understand the situation herself, but was struggling even to draw a valid comparison.

It looked like Lopez was in full agreement with her, and the discussion touched on some other interesting points regarding the upbringing of children.

However, it does not seem like both agree on the idea that Hollywood is to be held solely responsible for the recent trend.

The discussion diverged a little on that point, although it could be a matter of the two simply bringing up different types of examples to illustrate their own sides. The former actor received a flood of backlash, and he was forced to apologize.

Some want him to do more than issue a statement, while others say Lopez should be able to speak his mind even if he says controversial things.

One person said: "I swear I hate people sometimes 🙄 so many sensitive sinners and politically correct folks who don’t even vote. Whew, Chile if my grandma was here to see this she would be rebuking y’all left and right."

Another added: "I’m lesbian, and I agree with him 🤷🏽‍♂️ like I regret tattoos I got when I was younger, kids shouldn’t be allowed to transition until 18 years of age 🤷🏽‍♂️This is the biggest problem America has, people have,,e t fake like everything and everyone that’s why people end up hurting each other. Let people believe and speak their truth.This is why signing contracts and working for others and corps is literally a life sentence. His employers forced him to apologize. 🤦🏽‍♀️"

This backer wrote: "Everything isn’t for everybody. & folks are allowed to have their opinion on things. Idk what this world is coming too ever since Social media came about."

Lopez is more more on the conservative of Hollywood.

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