Mario Lopez Assaulted In Las Vegas After A Man Smashed His Phone

Mario Lopez Assaulted In Las Vegas After A Man Smashed His Phone

Mario Lopez was allegedly assaulted in Las Vegas on Friday, September 15th! The other man involved in the confrontation not only got violent and aggressive with the actor but also smashed his phone!

The host of The Extra, 43, was working at the Planet Hollywood Spa in Sin City on Friday when he accidentally bumped into another man in an attempt to exit the bathroom.

Lopez, who tried to say "excuse me," as any person would, apparently was not able to calm the man down as the perpetrator in question asked him, "You got a problem?"

According to TMZ, the situation became tense, and an employee had to become between them, and eventually, the police were called to the scene!

Mario left his phone on one of the locker room benches shortly before the altercation and said he just wanted to grab it and then exit the venue, but allegedly, the perpetrator grabbed Mario's phone and then smashed it by throwing it at the wall.

However, Lopez did not press charges, but he did agree to have his phone replaced by the hotel.The other man was permanently banned from the facility, and if reports are true, with good reason, as a business can't tolerate such aggressive behavior.

Despite the troubling incident, Mario seemed to be in a great mood later that night, as the actor posted a picture at the same hotel in the evening of himself and his wife, Courtney Lopez, at JLo's concert in Vegas. You can see the photo above. In another Instagram post, Mario wrote, "My girl @JLo got down tonight..." Mario has proven to be impervious to adverse circumstances once again.

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