Marilyn Monroe Reportedly Put Into Mental Health Facility Against Her Wishes

Marilyn Monroe Reportedly Put Into Mental Health Facility Against Her Wishes
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According to a report from Us Magazine, there have been some shocking claims made in recent days regarding the trial and tribulation of the legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe. A new episode of the podcast, The Killing of Marilyn Monroe , claimed that Marilyn was even held in a mental health facility against her wishes.

The 7th episode of the podcast goes into detail regarding the Hollywood icon, including her downward spiral into drugs, depression, anxiety, as well as prescription medication. The entertainment journalist, Charles Casillo, claimed Marilyn's addiction to prescription drugs definitely worsened over the years.

"By then, she had such a high resistance," the journalist explained, claiming that her tolerance to drugs was increasing over time. Furthermore, Castillo claims Marilyn's close friends became increasingly worried regarding her safety and health following her 1961 divorce from Arthur Miller.

The actress "entered into one of the deepest, darkest depressions" of her life. Monroe was admitted into a facility for her health problems by her inner circle claims the entertainment journalist, while even worse, Danforth Prince claims Monroe was a victim to "electroshock" therapy.

Monroe begged her ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio, to bail her out of the facility, and he did manage to do so, getting her out of the facility the following day. At that time, Monroe wasn't showing up to Something's Got to Give "less and less," and the failure to live up to her public persona was killing her.

The star was eventually released from the production, however, following several interviews with Vogue and Cosmopolitan, the star began turning her career around. In the weeks leading up to her death, Monroe got a contract with the 20th Century Fox studio to move along with another new movie.

Fabulous Gabriel claimed these moments were the happiest of Monroe's life, however, she died on the 5th of August, 1962. This is the second podcast from the creators of the Natalie Wood podcast.

Since her death in 1962, Monroe has become one of the most iconic actresses of all time, however, some detractors claim that her career and legacy were the beginning of insidious celebrity culture.

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