Marilyn Manson Had To Hire 24/7 Security After Evan Rachel Wood Accused Him Of Abuse

Marilyn Manson Had To Hire 24/7 Security After Evan Rachel Wood Accused Him Of Abuse
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Marilyn Manson 's last few weeks have been tough. In case you haven't been following the news surrounding the legendary shock rocker, Marilyn found himself the target of abuse allegations, levied by his former fiancée, Evan Rachel Wood, who says he abused her for years.

The allegations, which she first released via Instagram, sparked a few other women to come forward with their own stories about Marilyn Manson as well, although, many stories were called into question by fans of Manson and other media personalities.

Regardless, the ensuing media spectacle led the Antichrist Superstar artist to pay for 24/7 security due to the fear of paparazzi as well as random fans. It has been two weeks since Evan Rachel Wood came forward to accuse Marilyn of abuse.

An insider who spoke with The Sun this week explained how the rocker doesn't want to take any risks these days, and he would rather just stay at home rather than expose himself to the dangers of random, vengeful, fans and paparazzi.

This only intensified after a group of people gathered outside of his home and stated they were documentarians. Furthermore, the police tried to get into his house as part of a welfare checkup and Manson didn't even want to let them in.

The UK paper says Manson has since been dropped by his record label, his manager, and he has been relying on his wife, Lindsay Usich, for support. The source shared that a lot of people have had Manson's back, but many of them, not so much.

The insider says Manson has lived a reclusive life for years, and he would rather paint and party at night, sleep during the day, and stay out of the limelight. This controversy will likely only intensify his hermetic tendencies.

In response to the claims, Manson said that the claims were "horrible distortions of reality," before going on to say that his relationships were always consensual. The "Beautiful People" singer stated on his social media accounts that he didn't understand why people were trying to "misrepresent the past."


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