Marilyn Manson Covers The Doors 'The End' With Original Artwork And It's Amazing — Watch Video Now

Marilyn Manson Covers The Doors 'The End' With Original Artwork And It's Amazing — Watch Video Now
Credit: Source: Marilyn Manson/Mrperou/Instagram

Marilyn Manson is a man of many talents and in his new video for a cover of The Doors' "The End," he not only showcases his vocals and musical artistry but his artistic talent in the form of watercolor painting as well. Manson is no stranger to covering Jim Morrison and while some try to walk in  Mr. Mojo Risin's moccasins and recreate his songs without a hint of originality, Marilyn Manson covers "The End" while staying true to his own musical stylings. Marilyn starts off the song that could easily be recited as spoken word poetry that pays homage to Oedipus, with slow-tempered breathy, guttural words.

As he begins singing "This is the end, beautiful friend," a black and white, watercolor self-portrait takes shape on the canvas that is the only focus of the video. Marilyn continues singing the song atop a bass layer and additional tracks that nearly growls underneath Marilyn's flawless vocals.

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Marilyn's cover is not the psychedelic trip that The Doors took when they rode the king's highway west but rather is punctuated with his trademark howls. There is a bit of electric effect that runs through the song and reminds you that this is a cover in a new millennium and that means new musical equipment as well as greater freedom to belt out the most controversial line in the song.

"Mother, I want to f#@k you."

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Marilyn also puts his unique spin on this line as he roars with the impassioned cries of the killer depicted in the song "Motherf#$%#r."

You may listen to Marilyn Manson's cover of The Doors' "The End" in the video player below.

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When Marilyn Manson embodies the character of the killer, the watercolor portrait comes into focus and the self-portrait's mouth takes on an Edvard Munch appearance just in time for Marilyn's killer to scream.

"The End" follows another recent release from Marilyn Manson covering the classic gospel song " God's Gonna Cut You Down."

In addition to releasing new music and having an upcoming album on the way, Marilyn will be going on well Additionally, Marilyn's acting career is in full gear as he will appear in American Gods and The New Pope.


What do you think of Marilyn Manson's cover of The Doors' "The End?"

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