Marilyn Manson And Johnny Depp Allegedly Fantasized And Joked About Burning Jenna Jameson And Amber Heard Alive

Marilyn Manson And Johnny Depp Allegedly Fantasized And Joked About Burning Jenna Jameson And Amber Heard Alive
Credit: Source: Jenna Jameson/Amber Heard/Instagram

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp share a lot of things including a close friendship, their love for music, matching tattoos, and both are being publicly accused of intimate partner violence. While Johnny Depp is embroiled in a contentious legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard , who alleges he violently assaulted her on multiple occasions, Marilyn Manson now finds himself facing a potential legal battle of his own. Led by Evan Rachel Wood , a total of five women have come out to say that Manson tortured, terrorized, submitted them to ritualistic practices, and even raped them. But what may be most shocking of all, is that with all of the allegations, there are many similarities between them. Not only do Evan Rachel Wood, Sarah McNeilly, Gabriella, Ashley Lindsay Morgan, and Ashley Walters have similar tales of terrifying abuse and torture allegedly at Marilyn Manson's hands, but his ex-girlfriend Jenna Jameson is sharing a story that is eerily similar to something that transpired during Amber Heard's trial — alleged remarks regarding burning the women alive.

Most people might find a man fantasizing or joking to burn a woman alive a shocking and singular occurrence. But now some are asking what type of friendship does Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp truly have? The two have been friends for decades and consider themselves as brothers — or at least that is how they have presented their relationship publicly. But what does it mean that both have been accused of remarks regarding murdering and burning alive their partners?

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Jenna Jameson spoke to the Daily Mail and shared the horrific allegations and stated that Marilyn Manson actually 'fantasized' about burning her alive. The claim is creepily similar to another one of Marilyn Manson's fantasies — smashing Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.

Jenna Jameson described her relationship with Marilyn Manson as consensual, but said that his fantasies and behavior were too 'violent' for her tastes. She told the Daily Mail the following during her exclusive interview.

Our relationship was odd. We didn’t go out long because I cut it off after he would nonchalantly say he fantasized about burning me alive. Sexually he liked to bite, and it was disconcerting.

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Jenna stated that she was bruised from all of his biting and she described his physical appearance as being girlish, 'massively endowed', and covered in scars that were in various stages of healing.

You may read Jenna Jameson's full interview with the Daily Mail below.

During Amber Heard's defamation trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, text messages allegedly sent from Johnny Depp to WandaVision star Paul Bettany were shown to the court.

In the text messages, Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp were discussing 'tests' they could give Amber Heard to see if she was a witch. The texts went as follows.

[Paul Bettany]I'm not sure we should burn Amber. She is delightful company and pleasing on the eye. We could of course do the English course of action and perform a drowning test. Thoughts? You have a swimming pool.

[Johnny Depp] Let's drown her before we burn her!!! I will f*** her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she's dead.

[Paul Bettany] My thoughts entirely. Let's be certain before we pronounce her a witch.

You may read an article by the Daily Mail regarding the text exchange below.


What do you think about the similarities between Marilyn Manson's alleged fantasies of burning Jenna Jameson alive and Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany 'joking' about burning Amber Heard and then Johnny Depp's alleged response of  f**cking her corpse to make sure she was dead? Do you find topics such as murder and necrophilia between friends normal conversation?


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  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason Feb 10, 2021 12:55 PM PST

    What tf is with these grown women who fangirl defend poor widdle Johnny Depp as if they know him personally. He isn't Prince Charming, sweetie, he's trash with money.

  • Lynx
    Lynx Feb 5, 2021 4:51 PM PST

    @Tabatha You go girl!

  • Tabatha
    Tabatha Feb 5, 2021 7:57 AM PST

    Hummm... Well, after years of Johnny being bullied, manipulated and most of all ABUSED at the hands of Amber Heard, I can't say that this text to a friend and confidant surprises me. I don't care what he said in a text to somebody. I would have the same harsh feelings if I was being abused by my bf/gf/husband/wife/friend etc... I don't blame him for having those thoughts and I'm a mother of 3. Amber Heard is nuttier than squirrel shit and needs a psychological evaluation. She struggles mentally that's for sure and it's sad that Johnny got sucked in to her planned attempt at taking everything that she could from him. 3 penthouses, 11 million, the $100,000+ cars and an EXTRA $50,000 a month BUT SHE "WANTED NOTHING"... RIGHT??? Also, incase you've all forgotten, Amber Heard also sent simular text exchanges about stabbing Johnny to death with her "so called" grifter friends that lived in Johnny's Penthouses free of charge so, stop with the hypocritical headlines!!!! #justiceforjohnnydepp #amberheardisaliar #amberheardisagolddigger #amberheardistheabuser

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