Marie Osmond Slams Corey Feldman 'It's Not Your Story To Tell' — Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Ask Her Who Should Tell It?

Marie Osmond Slams Corey Feldman 'It's Not Your Story To Tell' — Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Ask Her Who Should Tell It?
Credit: Source: Marie Osmond/Corey Feldman/Getty/Twitter

Marie Osmond slammed Corey Feldman on the CBS show The Talk and child sexual abuse survivors are sounding off. Recently speaking out about her own sexual abuse, Marie pointed out that she didn't feel the need to publicly name her abusers because they had died. She also took issue with the fact that in Corey Feldman's documentary My Truth: The Rape Of 2 Coreys , he named actor Charlie Sheen as Corey Haim's alleged rapist. Corey Feldman and others stated in the movie that before Corey Haim passed away in 2010, he confided in them that Charlie Sheen raped him on the set of the Steven Spielberg movie Lucas.

Now, Marie Osmond is saying that it isn't Corey Feldman's story to tell, but child sexual abuse survivors are sounding off and asking who is going to tell it now that Corey Haim has passed away?

They are also asking what someone should do with information like that, once someone has confided in a person they were assaulted.

Marie Osmond stated the following on The Talk .

For me, talking about my abuse finally after 30 years, I didn't feel the need to name them, because they died. They couldn't hurt anyone. I didn't feel the necessity to hurt the families, does that make sense? I think the sad part about all of this is, is that, in Corey Haim's case, he's not here. And when you start passing around secondhand information, that's not your story, I think the only person that has a right to tell your story is you.

Corey Feldman also explained that he was a teenager when Corey Haim confided in him about this abuse. It would seem nice to think that a teenager would take information that a friend had been sexually abused to authorities, but Corey Feldman hadn't even told authorities about his own sexual abuse until 1993 when he was questioned in regards to pedophilia claims levied against Michael Jackson.

Since Corey Feldman alleges that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim, and Charlie Sheen is still alive and in the Hollywood industry, should he be expected to keep that information silent — even when Charlie Sheen had worked on a sitcom with another young actor for years?

Rumor Willis guest hosted and weighed in, "If Corey Haim had decided to speak up, whether this is true or not, then that's his choice...If it's not your story, it's just kind of gross to be using it in any way. And to not allow someone to decide for themselves."

Again, child sexual abuse survivors left plenty of comments under the official YouTube video pointing out that Corey Haim is not alive to stop his alleged abuser, Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen released a statement through his publicist denying the allegations that he raped Corey Haim.

Fellow co-host of The Talk , Sheryl Underwood stated the following.

"The reason I don't name names, is because I don't want those who love me to avenge something on my behalf."

Some are asking why the hosts of the talk think it is wrong to name alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse. You may see the video in the player below.

What do you think?

Was Corey Feldman wrong to take the allegations against Charlie Sheen public? Do you think he has a right to reveal what he says Corey Haim confided in him if it is to protect others from working with an alleged pedophile?

Do you agree with Marie Osmond and Sheryl Underwood that in certain circumstances, it is better not to name alleged pedophiles?


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  • Al Bergette
    Al Bergette Feb 9, 2021 7:38 PM PST

    FWIW, It’s a very complicated subject. I believe everybody who experiences child abuse should be given the space to deal with it in their own way. At the same time, in the best of all worlds, I think it’s better the abusers ought to be called out by their victims in the here and now. I agree with Marie that it needs to be the — victims — telling their own story. There is just too much potential for others to use someone else’s misfortune to benefit themselves.

  • Debra Lancaster
    Debra Lancaster Apr 13, 2020 4:42 PM PDT

    Always name names. There could be other victims that need to know they are not alone. Crazy that anyone can say it's not right to name your abuser. Is that what we want to teach young children were raped or abused? So they have to deal with the trauma alone? No! No, its wasn't right to molest and/or rape any child! Report all of the, whether famous or not!

  • carolyn Baxter
    carolyn Baxter Apr 3, 2020 9:23 PM PDT

    Corey a Drag..Aint no work for him on the industry and hes gotten so much milage out of this story that hes just sensationalized it so many times! Tired..of his trollin...get over it dude raise ya kid or something I'm a survivor in the industry as well but I took the scumbag to court and suing him now. Corey aint a kid or a STAR anymore. get a JOB ones interested anymore...

  • Beth Rogers
    Beth Rogers Mar 19, 2020 9:15 PM PDT

    I have been a fan of Marie Osmond for decades. I disagree with her on this subject. We often hear about cold case files where a person was abducted or murdered. However, no one knows the perpetrator. You could bet that the victim’s loved ones will never give up until justice is served. I support Corey Feldman 100%. Good for you for speaking for Corey Haim as he can no longer do so himself. Corey met an untimely death most likely due to the violence and abuse he suffered as a child. Go get’em Corey Feldman! Don’t stop until justice is served for your friend. “We’re awesome monster bashers! The meanest! The baddest!”

  • AmericaWakeUpNow
    AmericaWakeUpNow Mar 19, 2020 1:13 PM PDT

    It is everyone's responsibility to out those that practice pedophile and abuse children!!!

  • John S.
    John S. Mar 17, 2020 10:29 PM PDT

    I disagree with Marie 100%. Why didn't you come forward with your accusers when they were alive? They could have been prosecuted and sent to prison thereby stopping them from abusing others. Your high and mighty stance by not naming them noe=w that they have dies is pretty pathetic...just like the scumbag Charlie Sheen has always been. Go for it Corey!

    • SWSimpson
      SWSimpson Mar 18, 2020 12:10 AM PDT

      Hey.... dont grill a survivor of sexual abuse like that. I only vaguely know of C.Feldman’s life but I know that he has been troubled by his own abuse issues. You may as well ask someone who was hit by a drunk driver and in a coma for a decade why they didnt testify in court against the drunk driver. The answer is— because he couldnt- not emotionally and spiritually strong enough to do so, and it wasnt his story to tell while Haim was alive.

  • Rhonda Davidson
    Rhonda Davidson Mar 17, 2020 2:06 PM PDT

    I think they should tell anyone that will listen

  • TeacherSue
    TeacherSue Mar 16, 2020 1:22 PM PDT

    I love Marie, but I work in this field so I can say with confidence that she is the typical survivor of sexual abuse who hasn't yet processed it appropriately. Poor thing. She deserves better than the world she's living in her head.

    • SWSimpson
      SWSimpson Mar 18, 2020 12:01 AM PDT

      I dont care what field you work in, you cant know how Marie processed her own issues. You simply dont like her point of view. I think since C.Haim is dead, it is ok for C.Feldman to reveal what he knows, but I have met Marie a couple of times and my impression is that she is a solid person, a very loving parent, and one of the nicest and most genuine of people. A very famous person shared their abuse story with me to help and support me. That person is deceased, but I will never tell another soul anything about it because it is not my story to tell, and I know this person well and trust that she processed and dealt with it and I will not violate the confidential conversation we had, but Im eternally grateful she shared in order to help me. But that is my friend’s story, and my story is my story. I disagree with Marie about C.Feldman speaking out about his deceased friend, but I also sharply disagree with your assessment of Marie.

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