Marie Osmond Reveals She Struggled With Her Sexual Identity Due To Childhood Abuse

Marie Osmond Reveals She Struggled With Her Sexual Identity Due To Childhood Abuse
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According to Fox News, Marie Rosmond recently appeared on The Talk and revealed her story of sexual abuse as a young girl. The star claimed that on account of the abuse she endured, she began questioning her sexuality at a young age.

During the episode of The Real, the co-hosts discussed Miley Cyrus' recent comments regarding men. Miley took to her social media account earlier this month to explain how she once felt negatively toward men, however, after some time, she learned to separate the good from the bad.

The 60-year-old stated, "when I was about 8 or 9, I actually thought I was gay." According to Marie, she was abused when she was a young girl and because of that, she really grew to hate them, and they "made her sick."

"I didn't trust them, I didn't like them," the 60-year-old woman explained. Moreover, when she was coming of age, the star claims she frequently looked at other woman's bodies for comparison's sake. Marie asked herself, "why am I looking at women?" and wondered if she was into women instead of men.

She later came to realize that God had given her the gift of not only great brothers, but also a great father. Osmond added, "and truly, that changed my opinion of men." As it was noted above, on Saturday night, Miley took to her IG Live to state there were good guys out there.

"I always thought I had to be gay," Miley began, before going on to say that she realized not all men were "evil." This comes after Miley was briefly linked to Kaitlynn Carter for a few weeks. Currently, the star is hanging around her new man, Cody Simpson.

Before kicking off her dating career again, Cyrus was engaged to Liam Hemsworth. In response to the recent backlash over the misinterpretation of her comment, Miley defended the LGBTQ community and added that it was her "priority" to have their backs.

Before her relationship with Miley, Kaitlynn Carter was linked to Brody Jenner. Brody then moved on to the daughter of the MLB player, José Canseco, Josie.

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