Mariah Carey's Ex-Manager Says Carey's Responsibility In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit May Be Exposed

Mariah Carey's Ex-Manager Says Carey's Responsibility In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit May Be Exposed
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Reported first by Page Six, Mariah Carey's former manager is allegedly gearing up to lay all of Mariah's secrets on the table in a court of law. Stella Bulochnikov, who was the manager for the superstar before they finally split in 2017, is being sued by Lianna Shakhnazaryan, claiming that Stella once sexually assaulted Lianna.

In a counter lawsuit, Bulochnikov claimed Carey was to blame for the unfortunate situation, adding she would expose Carey's responsibility in the altercation. Stella said in her suit that Shakhnazaryan was actually a problem for others to be around.

The court papers feature admittance from Bulochnikov who says she, Lianna, and Mariah, used to mess around with each other behind the scene in a friendly manner but it was actually Lianna's conduct which was far more aggressive than either Mariah or Stella's.

The lawsuit claims Bulochnikov has video footage of Lianna showing her breasts to people, including minors, and also inviting people to throw things into her bra. Moreover, Stella says her video evidence shows Lianna dancing "provocatively," and also discussing one of Shakhnazarayan's subordinate's genitals, who also happens to be a minor.

As for how Mariah has been dragged into all of this, Stella said Carey isn't to be without blame, because it was her responsibility to ensure her employees were behaving responsibly and with respect for others. Inadvertently, Stella claims, Mariah actually facilitated Lianna's misbehavior.

Stella said in the court documents that if this matter does go to trial, and to the full extent of the law, Mariah's role in the drama, including why she never did anything to rein in her employees, will be on the table for all to see. Coincidentally, Stella filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mariah Carey in 2018, and the claims were settled out of court.

Fans of Mariah know that she has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a diva. Will Ferrell, during a past interview, insinuated that one of the stars on the set of the film he was working on, The House, was being quite difficult. Fans quickly realized Will was referring to Mariah after another star addressed it on social media.

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