Mariah Carey’s Disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance “was sabotaged”

Mariah Carey’s Disastrous New Year’s Eve Performance “was sabotaged”
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As we have been saying over and over again, the past year 2016 was the worst for everyone!

Even Mariah Carey was involved in a lot of drama.

First of all, her engagement with billionaire James Packer was broken and then she started dating the much younger backup dancer Bryan Tanaka just so that she felt wanted again. The adding pounds never went away either and it looks like she started 2017 in the worst way possible – with a backstage breakdown!

As we recently reported, the 46 year old diva had a horrible performance on New Year’s Eve. The sound team was to blame for her audio problems, the track getting ruined while she was on stage, revealing to the audience that she was in fact lip syncing. Such a disaster!

Of course, she felt humiliated! Carey tried her best to sing live despite the awkward accident, while moving from one place to another along with her backup dancers. Tanaka was also there and he never stopped smiling even in the embarrassing situation.

According to an insider, "When she was caught lip syncing, everyone started laughing at her."

The singer cut the performance short, after only a couple more songs, especially because the fans made fun of her because she did not know the lyrics to her own tracks.

"Mariah was saying backstage that she was sabotaged. She told them that she's never doing it again," added the source.

Later on, Carey tweeted: "S**t happens. Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here's to making more headlines in 2017."

The humiliating start of the year is not the first incident of its kind. The diva was caught on camera before, trying to lip-sync but failing miserably even at pretending to sing. "She can't sing or hit the high notes," claimed a source at the time.

Poor Mariah, we hope she’ll have less embarrassing performances in the new year.


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