Mariah Carey Won't Fire Back At Whoopi Goldberg For Body-Shaming Remarks – Here's Why

Mariah Carey Won't Fire Back At Whoopi Goldberg For Body-Shaming Remarks – Here's Why
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Mariah Carey is not going to fire back at Whoopi Goldberg for remarks she made on a recent episode of The View body-shaming the singer .

On Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show, Goldberg and company were chatting with guest star, Jerry O'Connell. Since it was Throwback Thursday, the ladies showed a picture of the actor starring as Carey's main squeeze in her 1999 music video 'Heartbreaker.'

Goldberg then commented that was "20 bodies ago" for Carey. She tried to express her thought to cohost, Ana Navarro quietly but failed. The words were heard by all, causing outrage from Carey fans and more accusing Goldberg of body shaming.

Days later the Glitter actress has not responded to the nasty comment by The View cohost. It turns out there is a good reason why Carey is not even going to acknowledge the body shaming.

Hollywood Life is reporting the songstress is perfectly happy with the way her body looks today. Therefore, she is choosing to focus on more important things in life than acknowledging or responding to Goldberg's shaming remarks.

"Mariah looks and feels amazing. She's very happy with her body right now so Whoopi's comments can't hurt her in any way, they really don't mean anything to her. Plus, she has much more meaningful things occupying her right now," an unnamed source shared with the website.

The meaningful priority the source is referring to is her children, Rocco and Roe. There is also the camp she sponsors, so kids whose parents can't afford to send them can have the camp experience.

"It's called Camp Mariah, and it's something she's been funding for years, and it is very close to her heart. The kids that go there have very little, they live in the city, and most of them never expect to go to her camp. Camp Mariah changes lives, that's what Mariah cares about, not some rude comment by Whoopi. No way will she even give this a response. Besides, her lambs can do that for her. She knows they always have her back," the same source revealed.

Mariah Carey is too busy giving children the camp experience in upstate New York to be worried about Whoopi Goldberg's body-shaming comments. Plus, the former American Idol judge is perfectly happy with the way she looks today.

Hats off to Carey for taking the high-road and focusing on the crucial things in life, instead of the haters.


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