Mariah Carey, Who? Nick Cannon Debuts Stunning New Girlfriend Lanisha Cole

Mariah Carey, Who? Nick Cannon Debuts Stunning New Girlfriend Lanisha Cole
Credit: Instagram

Nick Cannon is saying bye to Mariah Carey and is dating a beautiful photographer named Lanisha Cole.

A few days ago, Cannon and his ex-wife were beaming about each other, but it now appears that he has moved on with Cole.

It is worth noting that according to Cole's bio, she is still legally married to Rick Licht, the creator of The Marvel Experience.

Over the weekend, Cannon and the “Deal or No Deal” model were pictured as they were leaving a fancy eatery in Califonia after a romantic dinner.

The photos found their way to MTO, which was surprised that the father of three was finally dating "a regular black woman instead of an exotical one."

Needless to say the absurd "regular black woman" part rubbed many people the wrong way.

The "Watch Over Me" and "Soul Plane" actress spotted the post and decided to answer by saying that while she is black, she is not regular.

Cannon also jumped in the fight to defend his ladylove by letting the world that she is a queen.

Cole is of Panamanian descent, and she proudly talks about her heritage on her social media accounts.

It appears that Cole had a significant career change a few years ago.

Before diving into photography, Cannon's girlfriend was a well-known model who appeared in several music videos including "My First Love" by Avant and "Charlene" by Anthony Hamilton.

She was also featured in a CIROC ad campaign with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and was the face of Milani/Jordana Cosmetics for many years.

Just days ago, it was claimed that Carey and Cannon were not only hooking up but were getting remarried this summer.

A spy said: "Mariah will have a party in St. Tropez, France, or Italy's Amalfi Coast with 500 guests, including Beyonce and Elton John. They will have $1,000-a-bottle Angel champagne, plus a 5-foot cake dusted in real gold. Mariah's singing at her wedding. She'd never hire another star to outshine her."

The source added: "Mariah and Nick feel like they belong together and [she] wants to get married again, and thinks Nick is the one."

It was claimed the former couple rekindled the flames of love earlier this month following the diva's split from her toy boy Bryan Tanaka after another major blowout over money.

The insider stated: "Mariah pays for everything when they are together, plus she is having his rent checks and utility bills taken care of as well as his car payments. She even finds a way to sign him bonus checks for his dance work, which is ridiculous because in some cases he is being paid for old work several times over.

Many people said Cole is a significant upgrade for Cannon.


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  • californiasmiles
    californiasmiles Jul 21, 2017 5:59 PM PDT

    yep, she's an upgrade. bigly!

  • Veronica Robinson
    Veronica Robinson Jul 5, 2017 10:09 PM PDT

    I am so happy for Nick Cannon. He's moving on and that's great. It's finally all about him. Good luck

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