Mariah Carey Slammed For Not Putting Seatbelts On Her Kids During Car Ride!

Mariah Carey Slammed For Not Putting Seatbelts On Her Kids During Car Ride!
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Safety first, singing second! The songstress was slammed on social media for not putting the seatbelts on her young ones while in the car.

Mariah Carey got mom shamed online as users were not at all happy about the fact that the star ignored this basic safety measure, especially since her adorable twins were involved!

It all started when the woman shared a clip on her Instagram page that showed the children in the backseat of a car.

While Moroccan and Monroe were super cute singing backup vocals for their mom’s hit All I Want For Christmas Is You, what a lot of Mariah’s followers really focused on was the fact that she had not strapped them in with a seatbelt.

‘Jesus buckle up your kids!!!! I lost a cousin in an accident he would not even have a scratch if he was buckled up!! You should get a visit from CPS! This hits a nerve and a traumatic memory for sure!’ one person commented.

And that was not the only upset user that felt like slamming Carey for her mistake.

‘How about you put your kids in seatbelts wtf how dare you! But when something happens, you find something to back you up HOW ABOUT BUCKLE THEM UP NOW,’ a second comment out of many similar ones reads. Yikes!

Do you think she deserves to be in hot water for her video of the kids in the car without seat belts on or not?

Is Mariah Carey an irresponsible mother or are people going too far with their mom-shaming?

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  • Nicole
    Nicole Nov 30, 2018 10:20 AM PST

    Its not even that deep. People need to mind their own business. There always has to be some damn drama queens somewhere.

  • Vicky L Kerr
    Vicky L Kerr Nov 29, 2018 7:38 PM PST

    Yes all children should be buckled up when riding in any vehicle. And she should be a better role model Please for all involved!

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