Mariah Carey Says She Wants To Join The Cast Of Potential Mean Girls Sequel

Mariah Carey Says She Wants To Join The Cast Of Potential Mean Girls Sequel
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Mariah Carey wants to be front line and center in the upcoming Mean Girls film. Mariah recently had a chat with Tina Fey via Pop Crave and during their conversation, Mariah touched on how great it would be to star in the movie.

Reportedly, Tina and Carey spoke about the possibility of including her in the movie, and Fey offered her a part if she wanted it. As part of the pop culture trivia section of the interview, Tina asked her what song the main character sang during the talent show, and Carey correctly responded, "Jingle Bell Rock."

However, Mariah hoped that they would've used a different song instead.

Tina joked with Carey that if she wanted to license the song to them than all she had to do was laugh. Laughter was legally blinding, the comedian joked.

Carey talked about what role she would take in the movie, saying how she'd like to be the opposite of Amy Poehler as her other friend who likes to "wear sweatsuits."

According to Carey, she really resonated with the film because she understood the struggles of a lot of the main characters. She said it was challenging when she grew up because she had a black father and white mother and she moved a lot.

She said that being mixed race made her a "weirdo" in her school. Mariah wanted to fit in and being mean to other kids was the only way she could do so.

Carey recently dropped a brand new memoir called, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey , in which she drops a lot of details about her life's struggles and her rise to the top. She also explained what it was like to date Derek Jeter while married to Tommy Mottola.

She said she fell in love with Jeter after they had met at a party in the early 1990s. They started hanging out in secret and she remembers when they first kissed. According to Carey, her 1997 song, "The Roof," was about the time she and Jeter kissed on the top of his apartment building.

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