Mariah Carey Claims "Glitter" Nearly Destroyed Her Life - Here's Why

Mariah Carey Claims "Glitter" Nearly Destroyed Her Life - Here's Why
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According to Mariah Carey, Glitter, the romantic musical drama film that came out in 2001, was arguably the biggest flop of her career. The movie, which was both a critical and commercial failure, was a stain in her long line of successful releases.

Recently, the 48-year-old Grammy Award-winner was asked about the Glitter album that came out 17 years ago, after it climbed up the US iTunes Album Chart just last week following the hashtag, #justiceforglitter.

According to Mariah, it was her fans who should take credit, referring to them as "Lambs," and adding that she never performs any of those tracks because the album and movie nearly ruined her life.

At the time of the film and record's release, critics were incredibly disappointed, criticizing both the plot points as well as Carey's supposedly "amateur" acting.

Mariah admitted that it was her fans who got the album back on top of the charts, and she's proud of them for doing so. According to the singer, it actually was a "pretty good" record, but it's a shame it was received in the way that it was.

In other interviews, Mariah said the album was such a disappointment, that among her cast and crew, no one was ever allowed to say, what she called the "G-Word."

Later on, critics and other social media bloggers began referring to it as one of the worst releases of all time. Even Carey, herself, stated she regretted being part of it.

Despite the poor reception, the album, Glitter, still went on to sell over three million copies. Although, that number doesn't come close to Mariah's other records. It also didn't help that Glitter came out just 10 days after the September 11th, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Twin Towers in New York City.

In 2010, Carey said she believed one of the primary reasons for the failure of the album was the terrorist attacks. Glitter wouldn't be the only artistic failure around that same time.

Ben Stiller has said in prior interviews that his movie, Zoolander, failed partly due to its release right around the same time as 9/11. Zoolander has since become a cult classic.

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