Mariah Carey And Boy Toy Bryan Tanaka Are Over!

Mariah Carey And Boy Toy Bryan Tanaka Are Over!

After only five months of dating, Mariah Carey and her boy toy Bryan Tanaka have decided to end their love affair right here.

As fans may already know, reports recently revealed that the diva was spending “millions of dollars on him” and all of her close ones were “terrified!”

Carey started dating Tanaka after ending her engagement with 49 years old billionaire James Packer.

For many people, it looked like the two shared a socially peculiar but very much real love. However, some sources have claimed that their relationship was no less than troubling.

“Mariah is blowing through millions of dollars on having fun with Bryan and her management team is extremely worried about it,” the insider revealed.

Indeed, just last month the couple went to Dubai for a week of skiing at an indoor ski resort and according to the source Carey paid for the whole trip.

The source also added that Mariah was paying his rent as well and she actually liked being his sugar mama because it was her way of keeping the young hunk by her side.

She even leased him a brand new car “which is around several thousand dollars a month!”

But the spending was not really what drove them apart, as Mariah liked to spoil her boyfriend. In fact, what ruined their relationship was Tanaka’s unfounded jealousy of her ex, Nick Cannon!

Reportedly, Tanaka felt “disrespected” when Carey and Cannon attended Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards with their twins on March 11. As revenge, he would flirt with other women.

Did you expect Mariah and Bryan’s relationship to end so fast? Is it for the best or should they try and fix things? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

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  • Linda
    Linda Apr 10, 2017 2:17 PM PDT

    Please... That Sooo-call boy toy relationship should have ended sooner, let alone, it should not have happened at all to begin with. Come on now. Were there really a thought that it was true love? Mariah need to get her properties straight when it pertains to her personal life.The man who enters her life for the looooooong haul will have to be someone who would not only love her children (unconditionally) the right way, as a step-parent should but, become a positive role model as well. Not someone who would still be hopping the club scene in ten years and that's all they have to show/teach them. No pun intended! js.. Why does she Always feel the need to be looking (wearing provocative clothes that are Not suited for her anymore), and/or (dating these young bloods/boy toys that can Not offer her Anything)? I'm not saying that a woman can't spoil her man when she wants to.. But come on, spending Millions on their trips (him) all the time and giving him a monthly allowance of $25k just so he could lavish her with some gifts is certainly a cry of "Stupidity." Get it together, you'll go broke becoming a Cougar before you even know it! And you can't Blame anyone for that but yourself.. They'll be No Crying to Nick Cannon on that one. Wake Up Mariah!!!

  • Pen
    Pen Apr 10, 2017 1:53 PM PDT

    She doesn't need him. She is entitle to have a little fun here and there...If she is done she's done..Leave it be. Her finacial managers will still get their paycheck. Ijs

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