Margot Robbie Says She Hates Being Asked When She's Having A Baby

Margot Robbie Says She Hates Being Asked When She's Having A Baby
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According to a Radio Times interview obtained by the Fox News network, Margot Robbie let the world know the one thing that bothers her the most. The award-winning actress said it makes her "so angry" when people ask if she's having kids sometime soon.

Star of I, Tonya, the acclaimed actress said to Radio Times on Tuesday that she wants fans and interviewers to stop speaking with her about motherhood and having kids. Sky News reported that the 28-year-old actress is playing Elizabeth in the new movie, Mary Queen Of Scots.

According to the 28-year-old, when she read the screenplay and discovered that Mary had been pressured to produce offspring, it made her astoundingly "angry."

To this day, such a conversation is supposedly happening and it really bothers her. She said people often ask her when she's having a baby, and it really gets on her nerves. All these questions come after she and Tom Ackerley, in 2016, got married. For that reason, people love to ask when they're having kids.

The star went on to say that she's angry that there exists a "social contract," in which people supposedly tell her she has to have a kid. However, what some commenters pointed out, is the fact she may just be taking such a question personally when in reality, it's not meant to be personal at all.

Putting aside such negativity, Robbie spoke about what it was like to work with Josie Rourke in Mary Queen of Scots , which she described as incredible and overwhelmingly positive.

What's great about working with Josie is the fact she has also made tremendous sacrifices to have a great career. The star said that she never could've had such a conversation with a male director.

Ever since Margot's performance in Martin Scorsese's flick, The Wolf On Wall Street, she has continued to find work in great films, including I, Tonya , which has undoubtedly garnered her the most acclaim thus far. The film was about the life and exploits of Tonya Harding, the All-American figure skater who transcended class in a sport that demanded bourgeois sentimentality.

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