Margot Robbie Is Retiring Her Tattoo Gun - The Last One Didn't Go Well

Margot Robbie Is Retiring Her Tattoo Gun - The Last One Didn't Go Well
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Fans of Margot Robbie know that she's a big fan of tattooing some of her friends and co-stars, however, those days are coming to a close. The 29-year-old Oscar-nominee, who's in the middle of promoting her latest movie, Birds of Prey, was asked by Jimmy Fallon recently about her famous hobby.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show , she revealed that she had actually given up on tattooing for now.

Robbie claimed she made a few bad mistakes. For that reason, she chose to hang up her skates, for now. According to the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood alum, her friends trusted her with a tattoo gun after she purchased one on eBay.

However, things went awry one night while at a bachelorette party in Australia. Margot claims she and her friends thought it would be a great idea to get matching tattoos while partying for the bride-to-be's wedding. Margot claims one of her friends drew it with a pen first, and then Margot tattooed it afterward.

But her friend, after looking it, realized it wasn't quite what she wanted. Lucky for Robbie, her friend ended up liking it, so it didn't turn out so bad after all. The issue came when she walked down the aisle with a tattoo on her back in front of her mother.

Robbie joked that the bride's mother actually yelled at her. Regardless of the mishap, over the past few years, Robbie has developed a reputation as a surprise tattoo artist. She even did it live on The Graham Norton Show back in 2017.

Robbie's biggest role as of late was her supporting role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in which she portrayed Sharon Tate. Some media outlets criticized the lack of dialog for Robbie's character. However, this isn't the case for the new movie, Birds of Prey.

According to the film's Wikipedia page, it'll be released on the 7th of February, 2020, in the United States. It dropped first on the 25th of January in Mexico City.

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