Marc Daly Wants To Publicly Apologize To Kenya Moore -- RHOA Star Says He's Fighting For Their Marriage

Marc Daly Wants To Publicly Apologize To Kenya Moore -- RHOA Star Says He's Fighting For Their Marriage
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Kenya Moore has started off another season on the rocks with Marc Daly . During the latest episode, the mother of one decided that she was going to file for divorce.

Last season, Marc ended things with Kenya after a volatile argument at his event by filing for divorce. According to Kenya, he dropped it the day after.

Sunday, Kenya revealed that she went to visit Marc in New York and he treated her coldly. They apparently got into another argument.

It's now months later and Moore says that Marc has changed his tune. The restaurateur wants to save his family.

She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live: 'I have not filed for divorce. He did file and withdrew it less than 24 hours later, so we’ve kind of gotten past that. Right now, Marc is really fighting for his marriage. He wants to go to counseling. He’s made appointments. He’s asking to publicly apologize to me and a lot of things that I never thought I’d see the day.'

If you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that Daly has disrespected Kenya multiple times on national TV so a public apology is definitely warranted.

After seeing Kenya's interview, fans do not want her to give him another chance.

On a post from the Bravo Facebook page, commentators urged Kenya to move on.

'I've never liked Kenya. That being said, her husband was very disrespectful to her on camera. So I can only imagine how he was when not being filmed. Their relationship seems odd/arranged to me. She's always seemed desperate for a husband, or even taking someone else's husband. I think they are both using each other for different reasons. But none, do I feel are out of love for one another, except that they both love their daughter,' said one.

'Guuuuurrrrl, this is classic, A-1 straight up, hoovering by a man with a clear case of narcissistic, borderline, antisocial, and histrionic personality disorders. Soon he will discard you again and you are way to strong to be that victim. Your instincts were right on point when you said you were being abused. Follow your gut and keep him away from your daughter as soon as you can because that is his anchor to the plethora if resources he will take from you before he is done completely with you. He only values himself,' added another.

This person simply stated: 'Girllll forget him! He is such a waste of your time!!!!!!!!'


Do you think the two will reunite?


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