Marc Daly Speaks Out About The COVID-19 Pandemic While Trying To Keep His Restaurant Afloat

Marc Daly Speaks Out About The COVID-19 Pandemic While Trying To Keep His Restaurant Afloat
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The Coronavirus economic effects are hitting everyone hard in the pockets. It can be argued that the industry the most bombarded (after the medical) is the restaurant business.

Since stay at home orders are in place, some bigger restaurants are able to deliver and offer takeout. However, smaller establishments aren't so lucky to have the ability to stay afloat while their doors are closed.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore's estranged husband is a restaurateur. Marc Daly has recently released a statement to his clients about the COVID-19 pandemic.

His restaurant happens to be open. The entrepreneur is determined not to let the invisible enemy take his business down and wants everyone to stay strong.

His personal message was posted to the SoCo Instagram page.

'Dear COVID-19, You have come to our shores and wreaked havoc. We have lost friends, family, and colleagues due to your destructiveness. Know this.... you will not win this fight. You will not change the greatness of our human spirit. The best parts of all of us. You may win some battles but the war is far from over.'


He went on with some inspirational words to followers and signed off with his name.

Currently, New York, where Marc resides, is the state that has been hit the hardest with the respiratory illness.

Kenya recently revealed that they are working on their marriage; however, they are not quarantining together.

She explained on Watch What Happens Live: 'We're not together being quarantined because when everything happened he was in New York and now he's just trying to keep his restaurant alive and feeding people at the hospital and doing his own deliveries and stuff like that.'

It's great to see that Daly's business is doing everything it can to shed a positive light in this dark and uncertain time.

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