Marc Daly Speaks As He And Kenya Moore Decide To Divorce: 'I Will Always Have Great Care For Her'

Marc Daly Speaks As He And Kenya Moore Decide To Divorce: 'I Will Always Have Great Care For Her'
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Kenya Moore has been adamant about not only wanting a child but wanting a family since she debuted on Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is why she has been trying to make her marriage to Marc Daly work although she admits that it can get extremely toxic.

Months after Kenya said they were working things out, Marc has come forward with a statement.

'After recently attending mediation, Kenya and I have agreed to end our marriage. I will always have great care for her and look forward to amicably continuing to co-parent our daughter Brooklyn with an abundance of love and wisdom.'

He went on to manage to advertise his restaurant in the second portion of his statement given exclusively to The Root.

'As always, in addition to perpetual self-improvement, my primary focus will continue to be helping the underserved and people of color in Brooklyn to recover from the negative impact of the COVID - 19 pandemic. This focus will take shape through using my restaurant as a “Community Hub” where positive and diverse perspectives on important topics such as economic empowerment, social activism and political engagement can be highlighted in a safe and productive forum. I’m blessed to be a positive change agent for not just my family but also my community. Peace and love, Marc Daly.'

This comes after Marc was the first to pull the trigger on their marriage right after taping an event for Real Housewives of Atlanta during the last season.

Kenya revealed during the first episode of the new season, that he dropped the petition to divorce and that they have been working their relationship out in court. However, she was still meeting with lawyers in case she had to protect herself and her daughter.

The latest update she gave was that Marc was expressing that he wanted his family back. The two must have hit a huge roadblock in order to have come to this decision where he is making a public announcement to let it be known.


What do you think about the two calling it quits for good?

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