Marc Daly Allegedly 'Never Wanted To Get Married On Paper' According To New Report

Marc Daly Allegedly 'Never Wanted To Get Married On Paper' According To New Report
Credit: Source: Bravo

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore's marriage is crumbling before her eyes in the latest episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Viewers are finding out what led to the two deciding to separate months ago.

From Marc's habit of paying more attention to his daughter than his wife to the couple living states away from each other, it's clear that there's a multitude of problems that would tear any couple apart.

One big issue was their differing financial views. On last week's episode, Marc revealed that Kenya's spending habits were very different from his.

While the RHOA personality likes to treat herself to the fancy things in life because she's a successful self-made woman, Marc doesn't think that she should be so 'flashy.'

The restaurateur also made comments that alluded to him helping her out with her business dealings like Kenya Moore Hair Care.

In a new report by Radar Online, the couple not having a prenup is making the split a lot messier.

'Marc told the whole truth. He was very involved in helping her straighten out her business. He didn’t want to be tied to her. That’s why he didn’t want to get married on paper. She wanted a prenup and he did not.'

Later Kenya will get emotional about the physical distance between them in addition to the emotional distance.

This was something that was non-negotiable for both Daly and Moore.

'There was never an agreement for them to live together. He always stated he wanted to stay in New York City, and she wanted to stay in Atlanta for the show.'

To make things worse, when the two did get to see each other Marc has not put any effort towards romancing his soon-to-be ex-wife. Between letting her go on their anniversary trip alone and choosing to go out with Todd Tucker after their triple date -- Marc seems to be completely checked out.


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