Marc Anthony Has Some Not-So-Kind Words For Donald Trump!

Marc Anthony Has Some Not-So-Kind Words For Donald Trump!

Another one doesn't like Trump! Marc Anthony - the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez - used his social media account for a message to Donald Trump, Monday, September 25th. The POTUS has made headlines for the past week regarding his social media spat with NFL Players and NFL organizers including team owners after they refused to stand during the national anthem.

On his Instagram account, he wrote to the business mogul and now president, "Mr. President, shut the f*** up about the NFL. Do something about our people in need in Puerto Rico."

Marc - who has parents from Puerto Rico - was referring to the devastation of the Carribean Islands due to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico - an unincorporated territory of the United States - is without electricity after the storm took out the entire nation.

The president's criticism of the NFL began on the 22nd of September Friday when he jokingly said that members of teams in the NFL should either stand for the anthem or be fired.

He went on to back up his comments on Twitter repeatedly on the weekend and Monday. As a response, over 100 football players got down on one knee during the games' anthems on Sunday, September 24th.

Many others chose to connect their arms together as a way to express unity. As for the hurricane relief fund, as CI readers know, Anthony's ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, revealed in a press conference that she would donate $1 million to the victims in Puerto Rico.

The superstar intended to take proceeds from her show in Las Vegas and send them to the distressed island as a part of the hurricane relief efforts. She said in her speech that Puerto Ricans are American citizens and the people of the United States should offer their hand in support.

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