Mandy Moore Talks Meeting Hubby Taylor Goldsmith On Social Media!

Mandy Moore Talks Meeting Hubby Taylor Goldsmith On Social Media!
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Who says true romance cannot start with slipping into someone’s DMs? Mandy Moore is the perfect example that love can be found in any situation!

The actress opened up about the story of how she met her life partner Taylor Goldsmith while sharing her opinion on relationships that begin online.

It turns out that they too met like that and eventually, tied the knot!

It all started with Moore posting pics of Goldsmith’s band’ album cover back in 2015.

Seeing this, the singer contacted her on the picture posting platform and they started dating.

Last year in November, they made the big step and now they are husband and wife!

During an interview for InStyle, Moore shared that ‘We have a modern kind of love story. But if somebody would've told me 3 years ago, ‘That is your future husband, and you are going to meet him through Instagram,’ I would've thought that they were bonkers. It proves that you have to stay open minded because you never know.’

She went on to add that ‘We shouldn’t have judgment about what helps people find one another. I met lots of friends on Instagram as well. We live in a crazy, exhausting world, I think it is perfectly logical this is how we connect. It is how we all communicate now anyways, so it does not feel weird to me that it is a way you can find a relationship that will last.’

Despite the origins of their love story, however, the This Is Us actress admitted that she and her hubby really like to disconnect and get off their phones.


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