Mandy Moore Says She Won't Be Answering Any More Questions About Ryan Adams

Mandy Moore Says She Won't Be Answering Any More Questions About Ryan Adams
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Mandy Moore isn't interested in talking about her ex-husband, Ryan Adams , anymore. Page Six picked up on the comments she made in her IG Stories this week in which she put a publication on blast for talking about her allegedly abusive relationship with Ryan.

Moore reportedly was told that she wouldn't get an interview unless she talked about her relationship with Ryan Adams, which she obviously didn't want to discuss. The 36-year-old said her "blood is still boiling" after the request from the publication.

Moore went on to say in her IG Stories that she had already said enough about the relationship, and she didn't want to touch on it again. She added how they could easily draw from another source rather than ask her more questions.

According to the singer-songwriter, that she was asked to talk about the abusive relationship yet again is symptomatic of a larger cultural problem in the industry. She says it's a way of linking someone's "value back to their abuser."

Moore went on to say that she didn't want to relive that trauma yet again. It's time to let it go. Moore and Adams, as most know, were married for seven years approximately from 2009 until 2016, until the rocker was accused of sexual misconduct by around seven women.

The expose was published by the New York Times and it dealt a hard blow to Mr. Adam's career. In the months afterward, Moore explained how she didn't have any regrets about telling her truth, in fact, it was definitely the right thing for her to do.

Adams later came out to make a public apology, but Mandy said she never got one personally. Mandy said she thought it was interesting how Ryan never bothered to reach out to her in private, but took the time to do so publicly.


Earlier in the year, Adam was cleared by the FBI after he had been accused of texting an underage girl. These days, Moore is married to the guitarist, Taylor Goldsmith, and they're expecting a child.

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