Man Who Was Punched By Conor McGregor Speaks Out - He Says Conor Is A 'Bully With Money'

Man Who Was Punched By Conor McGregor Speaks Out - He Says Conor Is A 'Bully With Money'
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According to a report from, the unknown victim of UFC fighter Conor McGregor's punch to the mouth finally broke his silence regarding the incident that was captured by the Irish pub's security cameras. While some might believe the victim would be asking for money or notoriety, he did nothing of the sort.

During a conversation with the Irish Daily Star, the man revealed why he believes Conor chose to punch him in the left eye, an altercation captured on tape in April of this year. The unidentified man only agreed to speak if he could remain anonymous.

The man said to the outlet that he was just enjoying a beer with his friends while sitting down at the bar when suddenly Conor punched him in the face for refusing his drink. "You don't need that in life," the man coyly remarked.

TMZ Sports was the first to reveal that McGregor was getting 12 shots of his whiskey brand, Proper 12, for patrons at the Marble Arch Pub in South Dublin. However, when the man refused to take a shot, Conor punched him in the face.

Fellow UFC star, Stipe Miocic, praised the man's jaw of steel, and now the man in question appears to be pleased about how he can take a punch from a UFC fighter. Speaking with the Irish Daily Star, the man admitted he can definitely "take a punch."

Moreover, he added that Conor was just a big bully, except a bully with a lot of money behind his name. "I'm glad people saw the video, I don't like him." With that all said, the man said the media managed to get his age wrong when they said he was 60-years-old, when in fact, he is 50-years-old.

At the moment, there have been no charges laid against Conor for the incident, and the police in Ireland informed the media that they're currently investigating. However, it appears as though charges won't be laid.

The response on social media thus far has been quite negative, with most people claiming Conor's actions were wholly unnecessary and completely over the top. One fan, in particular, stated they were no longer a fan of McGregor's after seeing the video.

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