Man Who Tried To Break Into Sofia Vergara's Home Arrested By The Police

Man Who Tried To Break Into Sofia Vergara's Home Arrested By The Police
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TMZ reported on Wednesday that a man who tried to enter the home of Sofia Vergara and her husband, Joe Manganiello, was arrested after he made it onto their property via their front gate. Upon his apprehension, the man told authorities he was looking for the house in which Vergara and Manganiello lived.

He also claimed he was friends with her son, Manolo. Security guards asked Manganiello if he knew the imposter, and he said he didn't. After he refused to get off their property, he was charged with trespassing, TMZ claims.

Manolo, 28, is Sofia's son with her ex, Joe Gonzalez. Sofia and Joe got married in 2015 and they don't have any children. Sofia has been in the headlines for other reasons over the last year, including when she was grilled for her appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

As it was previously reported, Ellen was in the spotlight regarding allegations that she made the working environment a living nightmare. Amid the backlash and investigation into the program, fans began speculating whether the Modern Family star was one of her supposed targets.

However, Sofia rapidly stomped out the rumors, making it abundantly clear that she was never victimized by Ellen in any way. More importantly, Sofia argued she was always in on the joke if there was one. A clip of Ellen mocking her accent went viral, and fans began asking about it with the new allegations in mind.

Sofia shared the video clip on her platform and said she was never a victim because she and Ellen were laughing together. Around the time of Sofia's comments, Ellen was in the middle of a media firestorm in which former staffers put her on blast for different kinds of misconduct.

However, the scandal appears to have subsided. Earlier in the week, on Monday, Ellen kicked off her latest season and delivered an apologetic - but slightly sarcastic - monologue in which she poked fun at the situation but also said sorry for what happened on set.

Even though she apologized, former staff members claimed Ellen merely had made their "traumas" all about her.

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