Mama June’s Daughter Anna Cardwell Starts Job At Walmart Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mama June’s Daughter Anna Cardwell Starts Job At Walmart Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Mama June’s daughter and ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ star Anna Cardwell is now working at a Walmart! The reality TV celeb took to her favorite social media app, Instagram, to share this piece of news amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

As fans know, this comes after the 25 year old shared with the public her $47,000 plastic surgery makeover!

Alongside a selfie, Anna wrote: ‘When ur ready to leave from counting people all day #walmart #lovemyjob.’

Her caption, aside from revealing her new job, referred to the fact that there are new rules that limit a certain number of people entering a store at once due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s a necessary measure meant to help with slowing down the spread of the contagion while the specialists are working on a vaccine.

Furthermore, not having the virus spread too fast also means flattening the curve and not overwhelming the medical system more than it already is and therefore avoiding having to take drastic decisions on who gets a bed and ventilator and who doesn’t.

With that being said, it sounds like Anna is taking her job very seriously and carefully counting the number of people entering her Walmart at one time.

The reality TV star received a lot of praise for risking her own health and life by working out there like that.

Here are a couple of the sweet comments she got under the post: ‘Thank you for risking your life for customers..I work sanitizing at Walmart.’ / ‘Wow from being on TV to working at Walmart ……get it girlll!!!’

As mentioned before, this comes weeks after she debuted her full body plastic surgery transformation.

She made sure to give her doctors a shout out, writing in the caption: ‘Finally I get to share pictures of my makeover journey and introduce you to the great doctors and beauty professionals who worked on me to make me this beautimous!! Please follow them, they all changed my life!’


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